Thursday, May 7, 2015

Float the Paint Rock River

Paint Rock Valley is one of the most, if not the most, gorgeous and serene places in Jackson County. The mountains and farm fields alone are enough to give it that title, but its famous river is icing on the cake.

If you have access to a kayak, canoe or even flat bottom boat you must explore the Paint Rock River.

Here are a few tips for your trip ( from my very limited -one day-) experience:

1.Ask around for the best place to put in your kayak. We weren't sure of a good place to leave our vehicle so we had someone drive up pretty far in the valley and drop us off on the side of the road/river. Make a plan for where and when they will pick you back up. We chose a little pull off in the middle of all the curves on 65.

2. If snakes absolutely terrify you in general, kayaking here may not be for you. Very shortly after we put in the water my kayak ran aground into a bed of four snakes. The snakes didn't bother us at all thankfully. I think they were just water snakes and not venomous.

3. If you plan on bringing your cell phone/camera/other things you don't want to get wet get a waterproof box, or double ziplic bag your stuff and put it in a secure place in case you flip your kayak.

4. Wear sunscreen! There are a lot of shady spots...but just as many sunny spots!

5. Going back to number one... cell phone service is sketchy on the river. So be prepared to be without service.

6. It is always wise to bring a snack/lunch and water on such excursions. We didn't and were starving by the time we finished.

I'm sure there are numerous other tips, but I am no expert.

Aside from the snakes, we saw a baby turtle swimming in the water lots of fish, deer, ducks and beautiful clear water.

Even if you don't have a kayak or canoe, the Paint Rock River would make a great day trip for fishing, skipping rocks and wading!

It was the hottest day of August
All of us were down by the banks of the Paint Rock River
I was next in line to be baptized at the innocent age of ten
And Ill never forget, I remember it yet, the taste of that clear, pure water
And that preachers words still fill my head and I hear them now and then...

-Curly Putman

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