Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend in Scottsboro

Labor Day weekend is kind of a big deal in Scottsboro and it draws a pretty big crowd.
On Sunday the Three Arts Club held its 41st Art in the Park at King Caldwell Park. Each year at this event dozens of artists set up spaces to display and sell their work and you can usually find some pretty cool things.  Here are a few of my snapshots of people and art from Art in the Park. I tried to get cards with names and websites for the photos I took...I apologize to the ones I missed (forgot my notebook!)

These sweet ladies worked the library's book sale. Paperbacks for a quarter, hardbacks for a dollar. I was in heaven and bought a ton of books!

This lady's candles smell amaaazing and she has a ton of scents. If you missed her at Art in the Park, dont fret. You can find her selling her candles each Sunday at the Taco-Bet.

Kristen, Stratton and Jacob Foster

This is Katelyn from HomeGrownFabrics. She had some really pretty hand painted scarfs! Here is a link to her etsy shop....you can also find HomeGrownFabrics on Facebook.

Mike and Debbie Ashburn

Amy Guthrie from Not Too Shabby. That really cool rocker above belongs to her!

Daniel, Meagen and Landen Pence

Madd Dog Bowtique....so cute!

Coyote Cove: Handcrafted soap, herbal bath and beauty products.

Ciara Herberholz of C Marie Design

John Warr. His booth is probably one of my favorites because a lot of his art is very local and historical.

Each year here is a huge amateur photo contest!

On the left is my buddy Riley Hambrick... I didn't catch his friends names,sorry haha!

I didn't get these girls names either, all I know is they played a mean Gavroche in Les Miserables.

First Monday is a monthly thing at the square in downtown Scottsboro, but I would venture to say that Labor Day weekend sees the biggest turn out. I snapped these shots of the streets and a few of the things I thought were cool finds.

Until next time....

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